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The Bad Habits Society

Conceptualizing and Creating an Identity & a Design for a Movement Promoting the Humorous Acceptance of Bad Habits

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Though we live in a modern world, we are still very much bound by the age-old constraints set upon us by society. Routed in Ancient Greece, these include the pressure to behave according to societal norms and etiquette, as well as the pressure to constantly improve oneself in all aspects of life and strive for perfection – and, above all, to have no bad habits.

However, little flaws and quirks – bad habits – are what contrast monotonous perfection in a person. Thus, it is necessary to show some irreverence for societal rules that strive to make people too perfect and detract from their individuality.

From this background springs the need for a counter movement: The Bad Habits Society.

The Bad Habits Society is an Association and Club promoting the humorous acceptance of bad habits as a way to counter society’s obsession with perfection, self-improvement and compliance with rules. It aims to alleviate the pressure to perform perfectly and act according to often outdated standards of acceptable behavior.

The idea is to focus on the benefits of showing one’s bad habit to the world and admitting to being a flawed human being, because having flaws is what makes us interesting as individuals and what gives us character. By championing the admission of having bad habits, the Bad Habits Society helps to shine a light on people’s actual strengths. Rather than being seen as the sum of our abilities, the Society promotes the notion that we are the sum of our quirks and individual mannerisms, good and bad.

As a movement advocating societal change and raising awareness for the toll that the quest for perfection is taking on the individual, it encourages people to show their little flaws and imperfections and pushes for the prejudice-less and judgment-free acceptance of a person as their most authentic self. The movement also advocates the societal inclusion and de-demonization of bad habits, as well as their being embraced as an important part of a person. By joining the Society, the individual sends the signal that they are part of this movement and are ready to challenge the status quo of acceptable behavior. Thereby, the notion of bad habits being a good thing can be spread through society, achieving a shift in perspective.

The aspired perspective: In our lives, it is the bad habits that give us color. They are the little quirks and mannerisms that make us unique and interesting as individuals. Bad habits are like the at first glance odd ingredient in a recipe that ends up giving it a surprising twist, much like the dash of sea salt on the caramel tart. Bad habits are like the salt of life we are in danger of losing when striving to become too perfect, too optimized. We need some bad habits in order to emphasize our humanity.

The Bad Habits Society’s design concept ties together a new characterization of bad habits, the society’s playful and non conform approach to challenging societal expectations and the idea of creating a space to embrace imperfections with humor.

The creative concept is based on the idea of The Palace of Perfection and the Bad Habits that get into mischief within the palace. The palace resembling a building from the age of ancient Greece, is home to many embodiments of the ideal, such as symmetrical architecture, perfect column orders and statues of the flawless gods.

Into this picture of perfection come the Bad Habits. Clumsy, timid but mischievous little creatures. On their long, spindly legs, they stroll through the palace, curiously examining the statues and architecture. They become increasingly bolder and begin bringing the perfect composure of the setting slightly out of balance. With the Bad Habits, the perfect facade of the palace begins to wobble and its atmosphere becomes more welcoming and amusing. Based on this concept, arises a branding befitting the marvelously irreverent spirit of the Society.

I’m a communication designer and illustrator with a belief in the playful and poetic. I am passionate about creating original, maverick concepts and love immersing myself in their details. My creative approach involves a curious mindset, a twinkle-in-the-eye attitude and the intention to inspire enthusiasm and engage people. I aim to create purposeful work with a strong and unique narrative that has the power to meet the set challenges.

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