Mode Design (B.A.)


A story about interwoven unity and uniqueness.

Profil Türkü Karaoğlan

This collection is based on a series of 6 interviews and the importance of emotionally charging textiles.
Each story is based on the question of whether the person has emotionalized a (textile) object and the story she/he tells me about it.
The different emotions of a story were intuitively transformed by me, as a designer and mediator, into color, shape, texture, material, a look. – Charged with these emotions.
With the aim of creating a new awareness of what we wear. It’s about going beyond the feelings, senses and emotions.

Inspired by the art of Kilim weaving, handcrafting is a fascinating and important element for the intuitive, emotional charge.
Embodied and individualized in handwoven, knitted, twisted and braided textiles.

Individual emotions and stories form a unity in form of a collection. Similarities and connections become visible.
A new story is told. – ALL ONE.

emotional textile

Your essence, in a concept
of coming together,
part of a circle,

in duality, in intensity,
in movement of your feelings,
rustling, sneezing emotions.

Crying eyes or
laughing heart,
your story becomes mine.

The art of weaving, the art of knitting,
your emotions, your essence,
you in textile,

flat and two woven
reflects the emotion,
charged with emovere.

Crying knot,
screaming run,
laughing braids,
loving structures,

intense flights,
more intense falls,
rustling dances,
circling bodies.

So unique in your kind,
but nothing distinguishes us
except – one.

Vibrant design, through
your story,
my hand.

A story, about
unity and uniqueness.

– Türkü Karaoğlan aka Tabita Karan

From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone involved and those who has supported me and believed in this collection.
Especially thankful for my mother, family and friends – their helping and knitting hands.

Models: Yousra Ahmad, Clara Welling, S. A., B. A.
Main Photographer: Sevda Rekling
On Film Photos: Clara Welling
Process Photos: Türkü Karaoğlan
Earrings: ENA by Elena Kayser

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