Marken- & Kommunikationsdesign (B.A.)


A Main Title Sequence and Digital Add-ons for CloudFest 2021, Visualizing a Machine Learning Process in Relation to Human Intelligence.

Profil Lukas Bürgelt

Artificial intelligence can be dangerous. Science fiction movies tell this ever since and there are several opinions about the future of AI. CloudFest yearly pushes the safe and effective ways to interact with that technology. Even when CloudFest 2020 had to be cancelled due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, CloudFest 2021 goes straight forward and builds up a digital marketplace for the Cloud & Hosting industry.

The Machine Learning Process is based on the problem of the cancelled CloudFest 2020.
The goal is to enter the cloud to build up the digital Festival in 2021. The AI needs to reach that goal by solving three stages, with one task each. The additional tasks visualize real problems an AI is most likely to fail in execution. Beyond that, the tasks have to be done in a particular order to be solved correctly.

The title shows the power of AI but also shows the limits that we should hold on in the future and in reality. The digital add-ons enhance the experience and spread the possibilities of controlled combinations of artificial and human intelligence.

A visual designer that wants to go a step further. Passionate for combining sound and motion.

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