Mode Design (B.A.)

Masculinity is a very odd thing to me. That is why I wanted to examine it.

This collection basically thematizes the same question that Herbert Grönemeyer already asked himself in 1984: „Wann ist ein Mann ein Mann?“

Profil Pascal Gracian Dyrna

The moment in which male fashion submitted to a social construct marks an aesthetical turning point in the history of fashion which leaves its traces until today. But societal changes force todays men to leave traditional perspectives behind and reinvent themselves. We live in an age where gender is redefining, leaving men with no clear guideline. This developement is partially observable in fashion, as experimentality and new forms in menswear have widely increased in the last decades.

To develope MASC it was crucial to examine the history of menswear and the social changes that lead to a very restricted perception in mens fashion. Absolute leaders pranced in opulence, while later on, in time of the industrialisation, men developed a very rational dresscode.

This collection is an attempt to interprete menswear in a future oriented way. Through combining historic forms and silhouettes with contemporary cutting and a futuristic idea of a new masculine self, MASC strives to be a conclusion of masculine history. At no point in the developement it was a goal to put men in dresses, it was way more important to approach the idea of that without loosing masculine core products.

Fashion design is very personal to me. It is my output to critical questions that I ask myself in finding and developing my personality. By looking at my collections you are looking at a part of my soul.
My name is Pascal Gracian Dyrna and I am a fashion design graduate from AMD Düsseldorf. During this crazy journey I discovered my love for precision and craftmanship, creating well rounded and detailed concepts and especially pattern making.

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