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Law and transgression. A genealogy of jouissance

Rom 7,9 Once I was alive apart from the law; but when the commandment came, sin sprang to life and I died.

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The intention of this bachelor thesis “Law and transgression. A genealogy of jouissance” is to develop a fashion collection based on a theoretical concept. This concept deals with a wide-ranging analysis of the “pleasure structure” of a subject. The “seven deadly sins” are used as a fashion example. This realisation takes the form of wearable sculptures. The sculptures attempt to translate the theoretical concept into a practical one. The concept is based on passages from three literary works: Mehr-Geniessen. Lacan in Popular Culture., Lacan. An Introduction. by Slavoj Žižek and The Bible. These works were chosen because they all address the desire and pleasure of subjects. The basic question of this work relates to the general structures of pleasure of subjects. How can a subject enjoy something or rather desire it in the first place? What is generally desired and how or under what criteria does this process occur? The essay attempts to explain this by applying four central concepts: law, pleasure, transgression and sin. The stimulation of the holistic treatment of the topic of pleasure is also based on a previous work. In my work “The Ten Commandments. Reanimation of a Psychoanalytical Concept” I have already dealt with the structures of pleasure. However, this analysis and work left many questions unanswered. In the course of this work, I want to come closer to answering them. On the basis of Slavoj Žižek, the holistic conception of the work has been developed. The theoretical part – the analysis of pleasure structures – has been translated into practice and staged with a fashionable implementation.
Thus, the bachelor thesis “Law and transgression. A genealogy of jouissance” aims to be a presentation of pleasure structures in its theoretical and practical part.

I am an aspiring and determined man with a head-on mentality, and I intend to dedicate my life’s work to leaving an impact in the world of fast fashion. Over several years I have honed my skills and experimented with new techniques and shapes, in order to redefine fashion with reference to the Zeitgeist. My intention is to create a strong and lasting feeling in people`s soul due to my designs. This feeling is supposed to transfer my pure commitment and reflect my passion into my creations.

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