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How can we live in harmony with our inner child? This collection explores the subconscious mind and how our childhood still influences us as an adult. The visualization is inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Profil Laura Will

What is the inner child? Every human being has it in their subconscious, but not everyone acknowledges it or even knows about it. The inner child develops from experiences, behaviors, positive events, loving contact, but also traumas, loss or neglect in our childhood. It accompanies us throughout our whole life, influencing our emotions, thoughts and behavior. In order to protect itself, it develops protective mechanisms and beliefs through which it tries to avoid negative situations and reliving the past.

In order to heal the inner child and live in harmony with it, one has to break down these protective mechanisms and learn how to trust oneself and to build a self-esteem. Some examples of these mechanisms, which are used in this collection, are the suppression of reality, the striving for harmony or for power, the „staying a child“ or the striving for perfection.

In this collection, the visualization of the thematic of the inner child is inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Alice’s journey through Wonderland is a metaphor for the journey of self-discovery, growing up and becoming an adult. Through her encounters with the various characters, Alice learns to know herself better and to accept her own identity. The different characters and situations create the individual protection mechanisms and therefore the different looks in the collection. The individual behavior patterns are attempted to be broken down in order to achieve healing and to be able to live in harmony with oneself.

To personalize the collection, a special pattern was designed and printed on fabric. It contains abstracted flowers to represent the loss of reality and is used in every look.
Each look has also it‘s own technique of craftmanship to represent the different mechanisms of the inner child.

The first look, which represents the loss of reality, is in all over print and wire was used to create abstract shapes.
The second look is made out of illusion tulle and 500 mirror beads were each individually attached. It represents people who strive for harmony. They often only acknowledge everyone elses feelings and wishes, like a mirror, and ignore their own. The broken mirror reflects, that the affected try to break their pattern and care about their own emotions again.
The third look is inspired by the queen of hearts. It represents power using volume and a bold colour.
The fourth look is about trying to stay a child, but also growing up. A shirt twice the normal size was created and then draped into a dress. It was combined with a tiny shirt, which is stretched across the bust.
The fifth look represents perfection and anti-perfection. It is inspired by the mad hatter and the tea party. The abstract floral print was used again, to represent the weirdness. For the pants flowers were cut out and then sewn in again, but almost falling out.
The sixth and last look, the blue Alice dress, is representing Alice finding home and accepting everything she learned throughout her journey. It combines all the different aspects of the other looks.

Photographer: Hannah Rombach @hannahmariefoto
Hair & Make Up: Djamila Ramsell Ferreira @angel.makeover_
Models: Anne Zerban @annezerban, Hannah Cassel @hannah_cassel, Chiara Lauer @chiaraxlauer

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