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Fashion Design

Fashion Design (B.A.)

Graduates of the Fashion Design (B.A.) program completed their Bachelor Phase in summer 2020 under very special conditions. With creativity and improvisation, they all managed to finish successfully and with convincing results despite lockdown, closed fabric stores and support via video meeting. The theoretical and scientific work, which is the basis for and interacts with the creative performance, dealt with topics such as gender issues, environmental destruction, escapism, or the relations and effect between virus and fashion. We congratulate our new graduates and wish them all the best for their future!


Escape into Unreal

By Binyu Li

Fashion Design

Parallel World


By Zi Huan Li

Fashion Design

Symbol of Hope

helianthus (sunflower)

by Wenjing Zhang

Fashion Design

Not your bitch

Vietnamese Bride

By Tianyueming Zhang

Fashion Design

Desert Rose

Brilliant colors in the dry world

By Liu, Xuechuanfeng

Fashion Design


Gender equality

By Yating Chen

Fashion Design

Virus attack: How fashion react?

The relations and effect between virus and fashion

By Song Xiaojing

Fashion Design

Bring, take.

What time brings, what it takes.

By Zhang Yishu

Fashion Media

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