Cultures of Perception

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    Cultures of Perception

    Cultures of Perception

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    “Cultures of Perception” focus on research areas at the Department of Design (AMD) that are devoted to aesthetic theory, aesthetic history, reception aesthetics, and perception theory. Under the auspices of a postcolonial concept of culture, they focus on the synaesthesia of design that appeals to all human senses. The history, present and future of various design disciplines are researched, which are also reflected in the courses of study of the Department of Design (communication, fashion, furniture, product and interior design). Thematically central attention beyond the “high” and “low” classifications is given to design contexts such as the regime of perception and assessment, constructions of identity, material culture, history of reception or pragmatism in the field of tension between design and art. The thematic diversity requires a broad spectrum of methods, ranging from cultural anthropological, sensualist or pictorial approaches to the theory of ideas and problem history of design.

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