Mode Design (B.A.)

"But the Silver Fur repelled the Tears of Bliss"

In his bachelor-collection Finn Beckmann explores the connection of the human in the modern society and the inner conflicts they face.

Profil Finn Franz Beckmann

My bachelor-collection is inspired by Hermann Hess’ 1927 “Der Steppenwolf”. It explores the inner conflict of the protagonist, the who he sees himself torn and divided into a human and a wolf.

These two parts are in constant hostility to each other. On the one hand, he feels intellectual. On the other hand, he feels wild and chaotic. Leaving an unfulfilled desire for intense emotions, loneliness and urge to seek a deeper meaning to life installed within.
My collection concept revolves around the image of the wolf. The wolf’s image has been shaped through time by different cultures as a ravenous, greedy beast. Fables and fairy tales have been key portrayers to make the wolves image understandable to children. In the media, you will typical see werewolves lose all control and their sense of humanity as they transform into the moon-controlled beast.

In a metaphorical sense and in the context of “Der Steppenwolf” this is also to see a part of ones soul as this beast watching every step with judgement. I wanted to visualize this form of extreme self-reflection and show how the modern Steppenwolf is still a persona among us and possibly within us.

The main silhouette is based on a classical perspective of the wolf. The silhouette is using the 20’s and expanding these shapes with elements of punk and youth culture in general. Furthermore working with deconstruction and pattern manipulation allowed me to follow some metaphorical ideas in a literal sense.
As this is a concept of duality and contrast the used colour pallet and materials is focusing on showing these opposites. Sometimes rather placative or subtle, the human and the wolf each own their parts.
Hard dark textured cotton fabric mixed with bright coloured satins, faux fur, huge, oversized elements, sheer moments of transparency and intimacy – this is “But the Silver Fur repelled the Tears of Bliss”.

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