Welcome to Germany! International students at AMD Berlin

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    Welcome to Germany! International students at AMD Berlin

    Students in the international Master’s programme Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries (M.A.) came to know Berlin in familiar and less familiar facets on the Day of German Unity. Some of them were born in Germany, but most of them come from abroad: from Bangladesh and Bulgaria, from Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Hong Kong, Nepal, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. Over twenty students were enrolled at AMD Berlin for the winter semester and started their study programm two weeks ago. The Day of German Unity offered the Dean of Studies, Prof. Dr. Uwe Demele, the opportunity to offer an exploration of a special kind: Prof. Dr. Elke Katharina Wittich led the students for several hours through Berlin Mitte. The Hamburg colleague, who had completed her doctorate at Humboldt University on Karl Friedrich Schinkel, reported on buildings that had been destroyed and newly erected on the same site and explained traces of political iconography in urban space. Since Prof. Wittich grew up in West Germany and Prof. Demele in East Germany, they were both able to share their experiences as the basis for a discussion about the political use of architecture and interior design, about political identities nowadays and the necessity of dealing with history – a successful day all round despite rain showers and closed-off streets due to numerous state guests in black limousines …


    Drawing and image rights: Sophie Mehrens for AMD

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