AMD student Danielle is invited to the Global Fashion Conference

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    AMD student Danielle is invited to the Global Fashion Conference

    I am Danielle Keller Aviram, I was born in Israel and lived in Tel Aviv in the years before moving to Berlin two years ago with my husband and our dog, Bambi. My B.A. was in jewelry and accessories design and I just finished my M.A. in Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries at AMD. My thesis was focused on the luxury jewelry supply chain and the implementation of sustainable transparent and circular strategies through a methodology I developed.“

    Next week she will travel to London to the Global Fashion Conference

    The conference is organized by one of the leading sustainable fashion research labs in Europe in collaboration with London College of Fashion so this is a great place to meet the industry and get inspired by experts and professionals that are operating in the sustainable scene.

    In order to take part in the conference I submitted an abstract a few months ago and then at the beginning of the summer I was informed that my paper fit the requirements and I was chosen to participate in this meaningful event. The invitation to the conference was based on the acceptance of the abstract only.

    This conference is really exciting since I never gave a talk in a conference but I am really looking forward to this opportunity also because many industries and academic people that we have learned about and have followed their work will take part in this so it should be interesting and hopefully eye-opening.“

    What will be your personal highlights?

    There will be presentations by Kate Fletcher a professor for sustainability and fashion for example and from the industry side Claire Bergkamp Stella McCartney`s global director of sustainability and innovation so it will be great to hear about innovative sustainable research but also about how to make it into a business reality

    This would also be a great opportunity to meet active people from a sustainable scene from different places and be exposed to ideas and perspectives on the topic.

    How important are international partnerships (business, universities, fashion/lifestyle industry)?

    I believe that the only way to really create an impact is by working with international partners. Besides the fact that each partner could be the ambassador in its own country, you also benefit from being exposed to different models, data, action plans and businesses all around the world relating to the same topic as you and this is most of the time really eye-opening.

    What are your future plans?

    My future plans are either to work in the field of sustainability or trying to further develop my methodology to better fit the industry needs, requirements and process. I am also thinking about further researching and continue studying. Overall academic research should walk hand in hand with business reality to develop the innovations to something that is relevant and can improve our impact on the planet.

    What did you learn at AMD

    I learned a lot about sustainable marketing and business models side by side to some interesting sustainable design workshops and projects that allowed me to deal with sustainable challenges in real-time and make decisions based on these conflicts and problems

    What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion + challenges for the fashion industry?

    After learning this topic really closely from many angles in the past year and a half I can say that in my opinion the biggest challenge is communicating these topics to consumers and making them realize that there are many solutions and alternatives – there is no one solution. I feel really happy to live in a time of a change when more and more people become aware and are willing to take some action. I hope that I and my generation would be able to leave behind a world that sustains itself better.

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