Brown Bag Lunch Lecture

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    Brown Bag Lunch Lecture

    Brown Bag Lunch Lecture

    Fashion Product Data Revolution – key developments & opportunities in PLM


    Auf Initiative von Prodekan Prof. Dr. Rollwagen hat die AMD Berlin das Format der Brownbag-Veranstaltung eingeführt: In entspannter Atmosphäre dürfen Studierende, Dozenten und externe Interessenten in ihrer Mittagspause „Wissenshappen“ zu sich nehmen. Der erste Vortrag fand am 01. Juni auf englischer Sprache statt.

    Reid Swanson, Director Sales Central Europe, Centric Software referierte über die Schlüsselentwicklungen und Potenziale des „Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)“ in der Mode- und Designbranche. Nähere Informationen finden sich in folgender Zusammenfassung auf englisch. Die nächste Brown Bag Lunch Lecture findet aller Voraussicht nach im September 2017 statt.


    The AMD Berlin hosted their curricular partner Centric Software to share insights on the fashion data revolution. Being dedicated to high quality education the AMD works together with  industry leaders in her curriculum – with dedicated spezialized courses – and research to educate students how to shape the digital revolution, understand and reflect the digitization and act responsibly.

    In that line, Reid Swanson has been invited by the vice dean Prof. Dr. Ingo Rollwagen to outline the developments towards a fashion data revolution. Reid outlined the evolution of innovations in the fashion industry and highlighted the relevance of productivity gains in historical perspective. He then went on to show how the digitization and software solutions from CAD (computer auded design ) from the 1990 and then forms of more pronounced product data management (PDM) and  PLM
    ( product lifecycle management) have been contributing to reduction in time to market in the apparel and fashion industry. Giving insights and sharing experiences he concluded with showing the next wave of innovations with PLMplus product lifecycle management innovations which will help designers, product managers, merchandisers and senior management to work more seamlessly and enabled by more knowledge together in an even better way which will harbour/bring about a fashion data revolution..



    Note: To educate students and enable them to shape the digital transformation the AMD Berlin, Prof. Dr. Ingo Rollwagen together with lecturers like Ruth Funk
    designed specialized courses integrating technology and industry leader Centric Software as a partner with their insights, solutions and trainings for students combined with project-based, case-based learning in courses on digital transformation, digital visual design and digital product data design management (getting to the BOM, bill of materials). In these courses fashion design and fashion design management students work closely together to be able to reflect the digital transformation,  identify pioneers, transform existing designs into digital designs and merchandise and to manage these with the help of software.


    More about Centric:

    Next Brown Bag Lunch Lecture will be announced soon!



    CREDIT: Dominic Packulat, Studierender AMD Berlin

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