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Virtual Catwalk

Virtual Catwalk


Fashion in moving images, lifestreams of fashion shows and new technologies such as augmented reality is becoming increasingly important in the presentation of fashion.

The idea of the virtual catwalk is a new format that plays into the digital trend, is more cost-effective than a fashion show in the classical sense but is still designed to be effective for the public. The VR technology offers a new experience for the visitors, as well as the possibility to distribute shorter versions in the social media.

We want to create a dialogue between design and digitality at AMD Akademie Mode & Design – the design department of the University of Applied Science Hochschule Fresenius – and we are always on the lookout for new artistic approaches and forms of implementation.

In the Fashion Design (with Internship) (B.A.) study program for the Bachelor Thesis, students demonstrate that they have grasped the material taught and are able to apply it to complex design tasks in a theoretically grounded manner. The bachelor thesis provides scientific substantiation for the idea behind the topic and implementation of a design concept, which is presented in a visual manner. Students create an individual collection and realize 6 outfits. The process is visualized using presentation techniques involving graphics, photography and film.


Students: Kam Chun Wai, Beatriz Equiza, Zhiyi Luo, Song Meiying, Li Shiyi, Liu Yachen, Chen Yahui, Lu Yu, Zhang Qiwei, Lan Xiao, Wang Xinqi


Academical guidance: Dipl.-Des. (FH) Evelyn Bass, Anne Bernecker (B.A.), Dipl.-Des. Nils von Berg,

Prof. Dipl.-Des. Claus Bortas, Prof. Dipl.-Des. Antje Drinkuth, Dipl.-Des. (FH) Marte Hentschel,

Prof. Dipl.-Des. Tamotsu Kondo, Katharina Krawczyk (M.A.)


Artistic direction: Prof. Dipl.-Des. Antje Drinkuth | Video production: Prof. Dipl.-Des. Alex Klug |

Supervisor: Dipl.-Des. Patrick Koch | Models: Chiara + Julia @Girls Club Management; Fiwoo @VIVA Models |

Hair & Make Up: Martina Profunser @Maggie B

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