AMD Academic Specialities Program 2019 & Kent State University

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    AMD Academic Specialities Program 2019 & Kent State University

    Welcome to innovation in fashion – Gemany and Berlin! In a short academic program, students from Kent University got insights from scholars and learned some methods to be able to use impulses to navigate a more disruptive and sustainable future of fashion and design.

    Prof. Dr. Uwe Demele and Prof. Dr. Ingo Rollwagen hosted the German Study Tour at AMD Berlin, initiated and organized by William Perrine and Frank Congin from Kent State University. ‘In this program we discuss relevant topics and dynamics within the fashion industry and thereby enable students to grasp the opportunities in the sustainable digital transformation of the fashion industry’, says Prof. Dr. Ingo Rollwagen, the academic coordinator of this program.

    Prof. Dr. Uwe Demele, ethics and sustainability researcher and (upcycling) specialist, talked about ‘Making sustainable fashion and design business happen’. He gave an overview on the basics of understanding materiality, circular design and advanced insights into ethical and sustainable design management.

    Prof. Dr. Ingo Rollwagen, futurist and technology and innovation (management) specialist, spoke about ‘Understanding disruptive innovation in fashion design, fashion retail and design (management) beyond trends’. He gave insights into future technologies, foresight and innovation management for fashion and creative industries discussing recent advances in digitization, in-store innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Mixed and Extended Reality as well as new smart styling and clothing services.

    The students also had the chance to meet and greet with a fashion retail pioneer – now a student at AMD – in one of the most unique hoods in Berlin. With an input on ‘reinventing one of Berlin’s hottest concept stores’, Paul Küchold has been discussing with high potentials of Kent State University who are studying fashion design and fashion merchandise the lessons learned on in-store innovation and smart mirrors

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