Sustainable Design & Management

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    Sustainable Design & Management

    Sustainable Design & Management

    Curating Ethical Approaches

    Sustainability is associated with the claim to include social, ecological and economic sustainability as a premise for action in design and management processes. Even a cybernetic understanding of the world situation indicates that the much-discussed residual availability of resources and damage to natural ecosystems today has a direct impact on the stability and thus ultimately legitimacy of economic systems. For the benefit of present and future quality of life, consumers as well as entrepreneurial and political stakeholders are increasingly demanding an overall societal orientation towards sustainability. Economic success through a corporate culture based on ethically well-founded values is now becoming the recipe for modern leadership, but requires new ways of thinking and acting at all management levels and across the entire supply chain. The Design Department (AMD) researches innovative design and business concepts that are of high pragmatic value, especially for the creative industries.



    Hochschule Fresenius AMD Akademie Mode & Design

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