Lecture Series “What is Design?”

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    Lecture Series “What is Design?”

    Lecture Series


    Today, the concept of design is unbounded and contradictory. On the one hand, its inflation is due to a “Society of Singularities” (Andreas Reckwitz), in which products and artefacts are assigned a special status by means of an assessment regime, for which the concept of design is the godfather. On the other hand, however, conceptual inflation symbolizes a decline in values with harmful consequences: Although the design industry is growing, its core concept is atrophying and impairing the value of creative work. The lecture series attempts to introduce a history of problems, ideas and concepts between practice and theory into previous debates in order to readjust the way we talk about design. The aim is to question stuck design myths, uncover conceptual misunderstandings and adopt a historical perspective that is sometimes neglected for the present and future of design. In addition, current developments in design practice that set new accents for the understanding of design will be highlighted. The focus will be on design processes from the various areas of the design industry, such as product design, visual communication, architecture and fashion design.

    Design Talks in Winter semester 2017/2018

    24.10.2017«Bi-Scriptual – Designing with multiple Script systems»Eps51
    Ben Wittner, Sascha Thoma
    Grafik Design Studio, Berlin

    21.11.2017«Die Grenzen von Kunst und Design. Der Moment der Fotografie.»Lars Hübner
    Fotograf, Berlin

    16.01.2018»Making Friends – Mit dem Skizzenbuch unterwegs«Sebastian Lörscher
    Illustrator, Berlin

    Design Talks in Summer semester 2017


    Mateo Kries (VDM Weil am Rhein) & Axel Kufus (UDK Berlin)
    Was ist Design? Zur Neuerfindung eines Begriffs im 21. Jahrhunder


    Christian Janecke (HfG Offenbach)
    Vom Angriff des Designs auf die übrige Gestaltung – Plädoyer für eine Problemgeschichte


    Jens Brelle (HS-Fresenius Hamburg)
    Mehr Design, weniger Kunst? Zum kontroversen BGH-Urteil “Geburtstagszug“


    Annette Geiger (HFK Bremen)
    Kunst und Design. Über die notwendige Alltäglichkeit des Ästhetischen


    Claudia Mareis (HGK Basel)
    Design Thinking. Von den materiellen und ideellen Grundlagen des Entwerfens


    Dietrich Erben (TU München)
    Technik als ästhetisches Problem

    Hochschule Fresenius AMD Akademie Mode & Design

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