Fashion & Design Studies

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    Fashion & Design Studies

    Fashion & Design Studies

    Aesthetics and Identities

    Fashion and design studies constitute a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary field of knowledge that has gained great importance in recent years in the international research context. Cultural anthropological, sociological, ethical, aesthetic and media-scientific approaches open access to the scientific study of the creative practices of fashion and design. “Clothing” is an essential element of the creation of a socially individual habitus that manifests the inseparable interpenetration of body and self. Strategies of body politics have to be analysed as well as vestimental stagings of gender, historical and current technologies of fashion and clothing, materials of the future, marketability or the permanent structural change of the fashion system. Processes of design, technical development, handling and semiotics of testimonies of material culture in the field of tension between (market) conformity and nonconformity are to be investigated within the framework of proven or novel, practice-oriented research concepts, the unfolding of which in turn can be objects of research.

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