In recent years, Ham­burg has become the Ger­man metro­po­lis for crea­ti­ves and their net­works. With more than 14,000 com­pa­nies in the crea­tive indus­tries, the Elbe metro­po­lis is not only a com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons and media hub for Ger­many, but also a strong­hold of design. This claim is sup­por­ted by well-esta­blished names such as Karl Lager­feld and Jil San­der, as well as hund­reds of young and suc­cess­ful talents, many of whom are AMD Ham­burg gra­dua­tes. Ham­burg is a boo­m­ing city of ideas!



The Han­sea­tic City is not only regar­ded as Europe’s lar­gest publi­shing cen­ter, the crea­tive indus­tries as a whole are gro­wing steadily and fas­ter than other areas. Why? Ham­burg is one of Germany’s eco­no­mic cen­ters.

The vibrant and crea­tive dis­tricts of the Karo­li­nen and Schan­zen Quar­ters are fur­t­her good rea­sons for a suc­cess-dri­ven, future-ori­en­ted course of study at the AMD Ham­burg. Gra­dua­tes and stu­dents also bene­fit from inter­na­tio­nal net­wor­king – and thus have extre­mely good career oppor­tu­nities.

  • Team Hamburg

    Andreas Bailo
    Ellen Bendt
    Daniela Bor­chert
    Bea­trix Bor­gato
    Flo­rian Bor­ken­ha­gen
    Clau­dia Born
    Sven Bött­cher
    Vera Doerk
    Ste­pahn Exstern­brink
    Susanne Geese
    Chris­tiane Grapp
    Stef­fen Gross­mann
    Ines Holz­ap­fel
    Sarah La Cognata
    Petra Leut­ner
    Michael Lietz
    Carola Ly
    San­dra Meis­ter
    Susanne Mül­ler-Els­ner
    Sven-Chris­tof Pud­well
    Beate Pump
    Bri­gitte Scharf
    Susann Schrö­der
    Michael Weies
    Elke-Katha­rina Wit­tich
    Kers­tin Wölki