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    (updated on 10.06.2020)

    On this page, AMD Akademie Mode & Design compiles current information and advice on the Coronavirus / Covid-19 for its students.

    This page is updated regularly.

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    To all students of the AMD AKademie Mode & Design:

    The current agreements between the federal and state governments confirm that AMD Akademie Mode & Design is on the right track in its cautious and gradual opening of the university. We are therefore continuing this process unchanged. Since Monday, April 27th, we have been offering some of the usual services again. In compliance with strict hygiene precautions, our soft openings include the student service, the examination office and the library, which are again open to a limited extent for personal matters. Important to know: All services will continue to be offered additionally by telephone and e-mail.


    When you come to the campus, please observe the mandatory hygiene measures.

    It is vital that you keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other people. If this minimum distance is not possible, you must wear a face mask.

    Some of the laboratories, practice rooms and workshops will also be open for studying and working. At each location we also provide at least one room for learning and exam preparation. However, teaching in attendance will remain suspended for the time being – with the exception of specialized practical teaching.

    There will be no normal operations for the foreseeable future this semester. The Federal Government and the Federal States have agreed to regularly review the effects of their actions. Accordingly, Hochschule Fresenius will also make its further action dependent on the development of the infection. Our primary goal as a university remains that, despite this exceptional situation, all students can successfully complete their studies in the summer semester and that there are no disadvantages for teaching or examinations. Together we can achieve this!

    In order for the gradual easing to succeed, it is imperative that we all adhere to strict precautionary and hygiene measures. What this means in concrete terms is summarized in the FAQ below and in the information area in ILIAS.

    Furthermore, at all our locations there is a general prohibition to enter the premises for persons who are ill with COVID-19 or who have had direct contact with persons ill with COVID-19 in the past 14 days, and for all persons with respiratory diseases that have not been medically clarified.


    FAQ – general INFORMATION

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