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    Start: September 6th 2021 End: September 17th 2021

    The Seasonal in Fashion Future Lab in partnership with AMD Akademie Mode & Design—virtually kicking off in Berlin and ending in Florence—addresses the uncertainty of the future of fashion through a thoughtful combination of varied topics and speakers; the course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of sustainability, trend forecasting, handcraft techniques, and graphic design.

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    Level: Seasonal

    Cost: € 2.850

    Language: English

    Start: Information on the edition 2022 will be published here in good time

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    The Seasonal in Fashion Future Lab does not seek to address questions of whether, but rather how and why. Fashion is a mirror of society, subject to constant change with its current set of conditions, challenges, and needs. In this unique Fashion Future Lab program, Polimoda and AMD Akademie Mode & Design explore why and how the world of fashion interprets social change, takes advantage of technological progress, and creates new ethical design and business concepts.

    The two-week program is a thoughtful combination of varied topics and focuses on sustainability and innovation in textiles and business and also covers forecasting and sociological issues. Our Expert Talk shares developments in the fashion world with Italian and German professionals. A group project allows participants to work on a given task in an international team, thus deepening their intercultural competence. Following the topic “Circularity in Fashion – 3 Steps to Success,” participants will work in groups to examine the longevity and sustainability of a freely selected product. The core elements of the analysis will involve design strategies, future textiles and consumption models. These topics will be addressed in advance by our experts.

    The curriculum includes: trend forecasting for the development of a megatrend, the future of textiles, performance textiles, bioengineering, sustainable circular economy in fashion and textiles, bioplastic, startup strategies, sociology of the imaginary, contemporary fashion, textile sciences, handcraft techniques, graphic design, and art direction.

    The overall aim of this course is to develop participants’ practical skills and provide knowledge in the area of new technologies, trends in fashion and fabrics, and start-up businesses, all while upholding sustainable values.
    Like fashion itself, the format of this program has adapted to the current situation and the 2021 edition will be taught in a digital space.

    Participation in this course is an excellent initial stage of preparation in the fashion business, a course of study that may continue with an academic program such as an Undergraduate in Fashion Business, a Master in Fashion Trend Forecasting, or a Master in International Fashion Business.

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    Participation could also continue in the 3,5 year undergradute programs Fashion Design (English) or Fashion and Design Management (German) or the master program Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries (English) at AMD.

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