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By offering undergraduate study programs, the AMD supports the national and international mobility of students. Transferrers from the same or discernibly similar courses of study at other universities may obtain admission to a degree program in accordance with the AMDExamination and Study Regulations. In addition, the AMD is committed to improving the transparency and comparability of student achievement with the introduction of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), or credit points.

Crediting from other universities

The crediting of study periods and academic and exam achievements at different universities is possible in principle. The type and scope of the credit will be examined in each individual case. Further information can be obtained from the examination office or the Dean’s Office of each respective department.

Crediting for services outside of universities (lateral entry)

Achievements that were provided outside of universities can also be credited towards a degree. In addition to completed vocational training courses, these include, for example, completed semesters in training courses offered by other educational institutions / institutions in the fashion, media and / or creative industries. After a case-by-case examination, crediting of individual achievements as well as admission into a higher semester could be possible. The basic requirement is a University Entrance Qualification.

For more information, please contact the applicant management or the Dean’s Office of each respective department.


In conjunction with the modularisation and introduction of a study-accompanied examination system, ECTS is an instrument with which study achievements at different universities can be compared. Learning objectives and the amount of work required to achieve said learning objectives are correlated and expressed through the awarding of credits. Depending on the student workload, individual modules consist of a number of credits that are required for their successful completion. The aim of the ECTS is to facilitate the process of transferring to foreign universities, as well as studying abroad. The transfer of credits can be done through the Course Catalog of the University, the Learning Agreement and the Transcript of Records of the students. The assessment of students’ performance will continue to be documented by a locally awarded grade based on the German grading scale of 1 to 5. ECTS credits are not automatically recognized at the moment a student transfers; they merely serve to help the transparency of the course achievements.

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