Admission Requirements

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    Admission Requirements

    To enroll in a study program at the AMD Akademie Mode & Design, you must fulfill certain admission requirements. These requirements differ, among other things, whether you are interested in a Bachelor’s or Master’s study program, and if the study programs are artistic and creative or business-oriented.

    The general admission requirements are listed below. Specific information on the individual study programs can be found on the respective program page.

    If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact our study advice team!

    Bachelor’s study programs

    Master’s study programs

    Study advice

    Do you have questions about the admission requirements or the application process at the AMD? Feel free to contact us and arrange a personal appointment with our study advice team.

    • Hamburg
    • Düsseldorf
    • München
    • Berlin
    • Wiesbaden


    Brigitte Scharf

    Alte Rabenstraße 1, 20148 Hamburg


    Kristin Zielinski

    Karl-Friedrich-Klees-Str.10, Platz der Ideen 40476 Düsseldorf


    Michaela Kranz

    Infanteriestraße 11a/ Haus E2, 80797 München


    Martina Franzen

    Jacobowitz Hof, Pappelallee 78/79, 10437 Berlin


    Chiara Villanova

    Moritzstraße 17A, 65185 Wiesbaden

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